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Thanks for having a look around. Having practiced emergency medicine for 25 years, my goal here is to share some of our current knowledge related to COVID-19. Please enjoy some of my articles here.

And, watch out for my new book, Runaway Medicine, which will be released on Amazon Books in September. As a patient, what do you wish you could know before going under the knife or starting a new cancer treatment? This book will have you asking more questions and getting the answers you deserve. Take good care and be safe.

Runaway Medicine Carolyn Barber MD
The peril of American medicine as uncovered by a 23-year-old banker diagnosed with cancer. Now, her deepening concern as a Johns Hopkins-trained physician. 50% indictment. 50% personal story. 100% compelling. David Bradley, Chairman, Atlantic Media
Carolyn’s writing combines the storytelling skills of a great journalist, the analytical acumen of a Wall Street veteran, and the moral urgency of someone on the front lines of some of society’s most important battles. She’s a must-read. Matt Heimer, Senior Features Editor, Fortune

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Carolyn Barber MD

Dr. Barber has published extensively. Her writings on COVID-19 related issues and other topics have appeared in Fortune, Scientific American, the New York Daily News, the San Diego Union Tribune, and numerous other news outlets.