Wheels of Change


Begun in 2018 through the non-profit Alpha Project, Wheels of Change is a novel approach to helping the homeless move to their next levels in life. Co-founded by a teenager, Kevin Barber, and his mom, Dr. Carolyn Barber, the program pays interested unhoused individuals $15 per hour to clean up trash in the San Diego community. In its first two years, Wheels of Change has been responsible for the cleanup of more than 175 tons of trash.

One of the key aspects of the program is connecting individuals with shelter and social services. Workers also perform community outreach, inviting other homeless men and women to leave the streets and join the project. With the support of city government and generous donors, Wheels of Change now employs 100 homeless individuals each week – more than 5,000 work opportunities per year – and has become a model program for other cities across North America. It was featured on CNN’s “Champion for Change” program.

CNN article and video:
Champions for Change 2020
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California Life video of Wheels of Change
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