• Using plasma to fight COVID-19

    KevinMD July 22, 2020

    By Carolyn Barber

    We’ve gotten used to a life of restricted menu options during this pandemic, an analogy that extends all the way to our treatment if we contract COVID-19. But there’s an item still on the list at most medical institutions, and if it strikes you as familiar, it should: It’s been around – and working – […]

  • What do “COVID Toes”, Strokes, and Sudden Death Have in Common?

    Medium July 12, 2020

    By Carolyn Barber

    If I told you that someone had “COVID toes”, you might think I was making a joke at their expense. You wouldn’t be alone: It took the medical community a while itself to begin understanding how such an odd little finding could contribute toour knowledge of what this novel coronavirus is doing to us. In […]

  • What we know and don’t know about masks

    New York Daily News June 26, 2020

    By Carolyn Barber

    Admit it: Some facets of our newly-masked world are crazy-making. Where we once embraced, “Hi. How are you?” in our everyday lexicon, we’re now stuck with its tedious cousin, “What did you say?” Steve Jobs, in all his brilliance, couldn’t have predicted this state of affairs when Apple was developing its facial recognition software; my […]

  • Commentary: Should you be worried about your kids getting COVID-19? Let a San Diego doctor explain

    The San Diego Union-Tribune May 28, 2020

    By Carolyn Barber

    One problem with being bombarded by numbers, as we have been during this pandemic, is trying to make sense of — well, of any of them, to be frank. That goes double for the grim notion of fatality rates, a problem wildly compounded in the U.S., where we have tested only about 5% of the […]